Saturday Apr 20, 2019

Introducing the Port

Kish is a beautiful and thrived island with coral reefs and located in Persian Gulf. The shortest distance from Kish to Iran main coasts is 18 kilometers. Its distance to Bandar Abbas, Lengeh, Charak, and Dubai is 300, 90, 30, and 200 kilometers respectively. Kish ports are located in the north of the island. The Mir-Mahna port is located in the northwest of kish near to the local people's living area. The main usage of this port is fishery.
The main port – with the trade name of Kish Port – is located in the northeast of the island. According to the master plan, the area of this port is about 110 hectares. Total length of the berths in Kish port is more than 2000 meters. The depth of the oil berth is 8.5 meters and the depth of the first basin is 7.5 meters. In 2008, Kish Free Zone Organization had constructed a new berth with the capacity of 1200 tons.
Since 2008, some companies - like Petro Pars ltd, Total Co., Agip Co., Petroiran Development Co., State Oil Co., Oil Exploration Operations Co., Iranian Offshore Oil Co., and National Iranian Drilling Co. – have placed one of their oil platforms' support and logistics centers in Kish Port and it is resulted in increasing the rate of the ship calls and loading /unloading operations.
In 2009, Kish port registered a total of 8100 ship calls and loaded and unloaded more than 1800000 tons of cargo.