Thursday Jun 1, 2023

Introducing the Port

Qeshm island with the average length of 132 km and average width of 11.4 km –lies strategically in the Strait of Hormuz and whose geographical co-ordinates are latitude 26 to 27 degrees and longitude 55 to 57 degrees. This island, which is about 1500 square kilometers, is the world's biggest independent island and Iran's most populated island. The water distance of Qeshm from Bandar Abbas is 20 kilometers. The shortest distance from Qeshm to the mainland is 1800 meters, between Laft port on the island and Pahl village on the mainland. In 1380, its population was about 81096.
According to historical records, Qeshm Island has been a thrived and populated island. In this island, summers are hot and humid, while the winters are vernal and moderate. People's clothing and architecture of the city are of aesthetic aspects of this beautiful land. Geographical position of this island makes it easy to access to international waterways, domestic markets, Central Asia, and south of the Persian Gulf. Qeshm advantages include plenty of skilled and professional workers, having important natural resources like gas, and deep coasts which are suitable for construction of berths suited for berthing high-capacity vessels.
Bahman Port with an area of 25 hectares has the following specifications and facilities:
1.     Structure: Concrete Pile Driving
2.     Berth Length: 339 m
3.     Berth Usage: Cargo and Passenger Berths
4.     Number of Berths: 7 Berth for berthing cargo and passenger vessels, 3 berths with ramps, and 1 floating berth (pantom)
5.     Type of Breakwater: Revetment
6.     Breakwater Length: Length of right arm is 1130 meters and length of the left arm is 430 meters.
7.     Breakwater Depth: 0.2 to 10 m
8.     Construction Date of Berths and Other Utilities: 1362 to 1369 (solar year)
9.     Number and Area of Passenger Halls: 4 x 1000 m2
10.   Capacity of Passenger Transit Halls: 5000 People
11.   Total Area of Roofed Warehouses and Gable-Frames: 15000 m2
12.   Under-Pressure Fire Fighting System
13.   Emergency Power Station, Fuel Tanks with thie capacity of 40 tons, and 2 lifts

Bahman Port Development Project

Due to the age of this port, lack of the dredging, local winds, and imbalance of the eastern breakwater with the incoming waves; in 1388, eastern breakwater of Bahman Port was dredged and widened. Following these operations, length of the eastern breakwater increased by 150 meters, and depth of the berths increased to 8 meters (in full tide) and in entrance increased to 10 meters.
Future Development Projects include increasing the number of cargo berths, construction of new berths for search and rescue vessels, increasing the number of berths with ramp to landing-crafts, and increasing the area of container yard with the access to sea from south of the berth.
Due to fishery and leisure activities, a new basin is constructed in the north of Bahman Port that will come into operation in forthcoming future.

Organizations Located at Bahman Port

- Port and Maritime Organization
- Iran Customs
- Police Forces
- Iranian Revolutionary Guards
- Vessel Inspection and Registration Office
- Qeshm Utilities CompanyFree Zone Organization (Department of Commerce, Guard and Police, Numbering)

Utilities and Support Office

- Emergency Power Station
- Fire Fighting Station (under-construction)
- 5 Roofed Warehouses and Gable Frames
- Fuel Tanks