Thursday Jul 18, 2019

Research and Development

Rapid advances in information technologies and unprecedented developments in international communications led to transition of interfaces of human societies from military actions to  competition on various technologies. In the recent century, research and development offices (R&D) become one of the most important development indexes and it is one of the  fundamental reasons of isolation of developed countries from undeveloped countries. To growth developmental researches, it is necessary to create a national environment for research  and development, to increase investment opportunities and human resources, and to provide sufficient information.
Therefore, despite the presence of Research and Development Deputy, due to the importance of developmental researches and because of the presence of the specialized sectors in the Department of Port Affairs –non-container affairs- as well as traditional system of this sector, it was decided to establish an office known as Studies and Programming Center in 2009.
List of Projects
     1. Reviewing and improving loading and unloading norms;
     2. Assessing the performance of bulk and break-bulk vessels;
     3. Assessing the causes of truck stops in the terminals;
     4. Systemizing and establishing bulk terminals for minerals;
     5. Transferring of terminals dedicated to direct transportation of non-oil products to private sectors with complementary investment;
     6. Systemizing truck traffic in Shahid Rajaee Port;
     7. Formal safety assessment in terminals of the Port Affairs Department.
Consultants of the Port Affairs Department:
Currently, Iranian Pars Rahkar Company is in charge of providing consultant services in the field of systemizing worker affairs of this department.