Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects
The following projects are ongoing and in the near future will be utilized.
1. Monitoring Marine Buoys
Given the extent of Iran waters and dispersion of buoys, beacons, and navigational aids and also to improve maritime safety as well as daily control of navigational aids, Shahid  Rajaee Port Authorities intend to monitor buoys, beacons, and other navigational aids.
2. Fiber Optic Infrastructure
Shahid Rajaee Port Complex with the area of more than 14 hectars is one of Iran's most important economic centers and provides a wide variety of services. To provide optimal  communicational and IT services as well as providing security and safety needs like firefighting equipments, Shahid Rajaee Port Complex intends to implement fiber optic infrastructure project.
To perform necessary technical studies and also to prepare a master plan employed expert specialists and consultants. These professionals have prepared a master plan for fiber optic infrastructure of Shahid Rajaee Port. This master plan includes 4 phases and coasts more than
4 billiard rials. The first two phases (0 and 1) of this four-phase project will be completed this year and two other phases (2 and 3) will be completed
next year.

PPU (Portable Plot Unit) Equipments
This device is a light and portable navigational aid which helps the pilot to safely navigate and docking by providing accurate data. PPU use DGPS/RTK technology to provide accurate data that pilot need for operations like berthing / unberthing, real time predictions, squat measurements, navigation in narrow and shallow waters, and docking operations.
PPU Characteristics are as follow:
1)  Positioning – Combined GPS / GLONASS
2)  Time to Prepare – 1 to 2 minutes
3)  VTS and AIS using Wireless AIS or Broadband Internet
4)  Speed – 1 cm/ sec equals 0.02 knots
5)  Draft Changes (vertical, squat) – 2 to 3 cm
6)  Position Accuracy: 1 to 2 cm
7)  Heading – 0.05 degree
8)  Rotation Rate – 0.1 deg / min
9)  Standard Wireless Connection – WLAN 802.11b
10)  Range of WLAN – more than 100 m
11)  Input Voltage – 6 to 28 dc volt
12)  Weight – 12 kg
13)  Software – QASTOR
14)  Requirements – IMO, IHO, and EC Softwares