Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Services, Responsibilities, and Activities

Maritime Affairs Department Customer Services:
1. Issuing vessel movement permission for shipping companies and delivering it to them;
2. Coordinating and confirming water request for delivering water to the vessels;
3. Issuing activity report of shipping agent companies;
4. Issuing and registering bill for the vessels which are in transit and sending bills to the Department of Financial Affairs;
5. Registering  port and maritime data of vessels which are in transit in the financial plan and sending it to the Department of Financial Affairs;
6. Responding to the customers about related issues;
7. Registering data of entry and exit of pilots;
8. Announcing the amount of Shahid Rajaee Port vessel traffic to the related departments and offices;
9. Controlling, confirming, and sending fuel requests of port and maritime operators as well as fuel requests of the vessels owned by Shahid Rajaee Port via Fuel Management System of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC).