Sunday Nov 27, 2022
PMO/(Special Economic Zone (SEZ/SEZ's Advantages

SEZ΄s Advantages

· Issuing negotiable separated (endorsed) warehouse receipt;
· Providing facilities (importing machineries, spare parts, investment vehicles and raw materials needed in the region to produce or complete required parts without paying custom duties);
· Freedom of participation and investment for domestic and foreign investors;
· Import and export of goods without paying custom duties and income tax for processing, production, conversion, completion, and etc;
· Exemption from customs duty (in equal with added value) for import of goods manufactured in the SEZ;
· Ability to export, transit, transshipment, and re-export of goods without any customs formalities;
· Transferring or selling imported goods in form of negotiable separated warehouse receipts;
· Guarantee foreign investment and their profits;
· Freedom of entry and exit capital to the region;
· Leasing lands and warehouses at competitive prices in the short-term and long-term;
· Freedom of entry and exit of foreign goods from all over the region;
·  Ability to re-package of goods for re-exports;
·  Ability to produce marketable industrial products to Iran or other countries;
· Ability to import percentage of products manufactured in SEZ into the country without unnecessary administrative formalities;
· Ability to export manufactured products (excluding value added products) without any need to foreign currency deposit obligations;
· Use discount on port fees and charges;
· Easy wholesale of goods.