Tuesday Oct 26, 2021


Services of Search and Rescue Center
1. Receiving the weather report and sending it to vessels via VHF. Radio officers inform vessels currently in the region about weather conditions twice at day at 09:00 A.M and 05:00 P.M. Radio officers use channel 16 and 18 to inform  vessels. In addition to main SAR center (Shahid Rajaee Port), other sub-centers like Lengeh Port and Kish Port are also responsible for communicating weather information;
2. Providing telemedicine services via VHF;
3. Assisting in distress vessels by sending vessels and helicopters;
Helicopter Services
Helicopters are used, if search and rescue vessels can't be used to assist in distress people, although using the helicopters is very costly.
Important Notes in Using Helicopters:
Given the difficulty of recognizing of in distress vessel for helicopter pilot, vessel captain must take following actions:
   ·  In Daylight
Using Smoke Bombs
         2. Creating Smoke
         3. Reflection with mirrors
         4. Using colored cloth and moving it
   · At Night
         1. Turning on the flashlight
         2. Using hand lamps
         3. Making a fire