Tuesday Oct 26, 2021


Shahid Rajaee Port as the biggest container port of Iran that is in charge of handling the highest volume of container operations plays a very important and vital role in Iran's economy and Trade. Department of Container Affairs is in  charge of the management of Container Terminal 1 and 2 and these container terminals operate under the supervision of this department .Container  Terminal of Shahid Rajaee  Port provide services for all linear and feeder Ships and 21 linear shipping lines which are in traffic in this port. 
Phone Number: +9876-32123590
Fax Number: +9876-33514027
In this department, following offices are in charge of providing customer services:
1.Office of Vessel Affairs ( phone numbers: +9876-32123388-+9876-32123329 )
2.Export and Transit Warehouse ( +9876-32123340 )
3.Office of Rail Affairs ( phone numbers: +9876-32123599 )
4.Office of Container Affairs ( container freight station or CFS )( +9876-32123340 )
5.Office of Refrigerating Terminal Affairs ( +9876-32123340 )
6.Exit Gate ( +9876-32123340 )