Sunday Nov 27, 2022
PMO/Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection/Maritime Casualty Investigations

Maritime Casualty Investigation

Maritime Casualty Investigation Office works under the supervision of Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection Department. This office has started its work in 2004. A team of experts – deck and technical experts – works for this  office.
Once Maritime Casualty Investigation Office receives an accident report, relevant investigators will be dispatched to the accident scene. This team is equipped with all necessary equipments to manage accident scene and to take photos and  interview people affected by the accident.
After collecting necessary documents, accident will be analyzed based on Shel method. In this method, technical, human, software, and environmental factors will be analyzed. After analyzing these factors, a committee consisted of deputy  manager of maritime affairs and maritime experts will determine accident – prone factors and suggest necessary strategies to reduce such accidents.
A report of important accidents will be sent to IMO by PMO.