Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

advantages and features

1-       Special economic zones privileges enjoyment

2-      Hinterlands infrastructures for logistics, industrial, petroleum and service related activities in the form of BOT, BOOT, short-term, medium-term and long-term leases

3-      Water, electricity, telephone, IT networks and surface water disposal systems availabilities

4-       Possibility to use of the internal and international networks of the different modes of transport (sea, railway and road) and related facilitations

5-       Positioning among the main routes of transit corridors, such as North and South, East and West, to facilitate transit of goods to the Central Asian Countries, the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq

6-      International seas accessibility and the maximum benefits of maritime transport advantages

7-       Proximity to the main centers of production, industrial and petrochemical industries of the country

8-      Banking, credit, insurance, customs and other related service providers availability

9-      Possibility to use credit and bank facilities

10-   Having special facilities for containers, general cargoes, minerals and petroleum products storing, transit as well as refueling ships in transit