Monday Sep 27, 2021


Importance of Port Affair Department in the Port Operations

Due to its facilities and strategic position, Shahid Rajaee Port Complex is one of the most important and advanced ports and economic poles of Iran and Middle East. Facilitating   loading and unloading operations, providing investment opportunities, and providing logistic and value-added services are of the main goals and objectives of Shahid Rajaee Port. In the Iran's Perspective Document and Iran's Development  Program, it is anticipated that Iran's trade will reach to 150 million tons in 2015, from which 53 percent are non-container cargoes.

Although Shahid Rajaee Port is a container port, due to the significant role of export of non-container cargoes in the Iran's economy and forecasts represented in Iran's Perspective Document, this port complex plays an important role in the transportation of non-container cargoes.
Head of Port Affairs Department:
Mansour Khorramshokouh
Contact Information: (+9876)33514058
Address: Port Affairs Department, Services Building, Shahid Rajaee Port, Bandar Abbas, Iran
P. O. Box: 83797 – 79171
Phone Number: (+9876)32123350

Fax Number: (+9876)33514058