Sunday Nov 27, 2022
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Container Terminal Development Project

In Container Terminal Development Project, a new terminal will be constructed in Shahid Rajaee Port Complex. This new terminal will increase the capacity of Shahid Rajaee to 6 million TEUs per year.
This project is a part of overall port  development strategy of PMO.
Whit the completion of this project, Shahid Rajaee Port will become a regional mother port which can berth Suez-Panamax ships (12000 TEUs).
This project has 2 phases. The first phase was inaugurated in 2008 with the presence of the President of Islamic Republic of Iran. This phase includes:
1. A 850- meter berth wall including 3 berth posts with a depth of 17 meters for berthing Suez-Panamax vessels
2.A container yard with the total area of 60 hectares
3.All needed facilities In phase 2, two more berth walls will be constructed. These berth walls include 4 berths with the depth of 15/5 meters for berthing Post-Panamax ships. The area of container yard will be increased to 90 hectares.