Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Legal Instruments

Due to the accession of Iran to Search and Rescue Convention (SAR Convention), necessity of implementing this convention for member states, and given the amendments to chapter III (providing a safe place for survivors), Iran Ports  and Maritime Organization is responsible for providing a safe place for survivors of maritime accidents. In addition, according to the senior vice president's letter (number 13263/1260, dated April 30, 1996), all executive bodies are  required to co-operate with PMO in case of maritime accidents. This letter is presented here.

In the Name of God

Number: 13363.126
Date: April 30, 1996
To all ministries, organizations, institutions, government – owned corporations, and executive bodies of Islamic Republic of Iran

Given the increasing growth of shipping activities, large number of Iranian ports, development of fishery industry, increasing transportation of cargo and passengers and also due to the low safety and high fatalities, all executive bodies  including Iran Air Forces, Iran Navy, Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, Iran Ministry, Iran Fisheries Organization to search and rescue in distress people.