Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Services, Responsibilities, and Activities

1. Management of Marine Radio Frequencies in Hormozgan Province;
2. Auditing Marine Communications Stations which are dependent on or independent from Ports and Maritime Administration;
3. Controlling vessel traffic in berths and quays;
4. Coordinating berthing and unberthing operations;
5. Coordinating pilotage operation;
6. Coordinating towage operation;
7. Coordinating search and rescue operation;
8. Registering traffic data in GCOMS Software and other related softwares;
9. Announcing weather conditions to vessels via radio equipments;
10. Cooperation in maneuvers (e.g., search and rescue operation, eliminating pollution, …) and Norouz Passenger Plans;
11. Establishing committees which are in relation with marine communications (fishery, communications, and etc);
12.  Assessing and suggesting what equipments needed in marine communications stations.