Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Director General's Message

  With the name of dignified Allah

In the Sea-Axis development, managing and different size port handling of more than 70 commercial and passenger ports, in a stable and peaceful atmosphere and together with the active participation of port and sea communities, on the shores of the glacial Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea in Hormuzgan Province  implies the institutionalization of the concepts of sustainable development and social responsibility of this complex and  it's commitment to provide a living environment for the settlers from Jask port to Parsian port.

Shahid Rajaei port complex, as one of the main part of supply chain in the field of import and export of cargoes in or out of the country, committed to support new investments through establishing logistics and distribution centers and providing value added services centers. 

Surely, It requires itself to encourage and lead new investments in creating logistics centers and distributing and providing value-added services.

Because of the undeniable value of the land and port infrastructure, investment projects monitoring compels assignments in the form of long-term contracts, analyzing economic indicators and competitive principles allocated accurately by analyzing its market and its competition at the future to make optimal use of capacity within the framework of the relevant criteria both whether at the period of time of construction or operation. It requires high sensitivity to make optimal use of capacity within the framework of the relevant criteria assignments in the form of long-term contracts, analyzing economic indicators and competitive principles by controlling its market and its future. The prospect of profitability is defined in a Two-way win, national economy for the investor company and private-sector income too.

Shahid Rajaei port complex has seen a spectacular jump in the private sector investment attraction that has been unprecedented in the last 20 years. By addition of 2600 hectares to the port Land inventory and double increasing of port capacity it’s procured the readiness for assignment in the fields of: creation of value added services centers; processing and export terminals of minerals; the center for receiving and processing of vessels sewage; export, transit, swap and bunkering of petroleum products terminals, cargo and container logistics terminals, edible oil storage and processing tanks; power plants and desalination plants; and re-export centers. 

Shahid Rajaei port complex, with a privileged position in a seventy-million-strong country, with infrastructure and ready-to-use capacities, procured appropriate multilateral situation with the rebound of the country's economy. The port development projects are in underway through the phases of 2 and 3 and three major projects in container, oil and mining fields.

The second phase of the development project of Shahid Rajaee Port Complex has been completed and utilized for upgrading the container capacity of the port to 6 million TEUs, including approximately 2020 m. Diaphragm pier; 7 million cubic meters of dredging and preparation of about 140 hectares of container yard; which operational capacity of the port increases to 6 million with strategic equipment completion.

In the third phase, about 2 million new TEUs capacity will be created in the port and the operational capacity will be increased to 8 million TEU consequently.

In the area of cabotage cargoes handling, regional exports and business creation, small regional ports are activated and the noble people of the coasts find surely the new decent opportunity to take advantage of these capacities more and more, and they realize the positive impact of the small ports in their life. 

Now; there are good capacities and conditions in the field of passenger transport in the province coastal waters. It is necessary to work and act practically in the field of maritime tourism, which has many potentialities absolutely. In this regard, one of the work priorities is to create convergence and synergy in all of the related organizations in the province, so that we can increase the capacity through aggregation of all organization’s facilities and provide and generate additional energy for the development of tourism and introduces another unknown region that have tourism attraction capacity potentially.

So far, more than 25,000 billion Rials have been invested in the port by the non-governmental sector, which has increased in the period of JCPOA after-math (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action); in this case the foreign companies trend to investing in the province in the field of maritime transport. It should be noted of course, that many groups have visited the area and evaluates the requirements and conditions yet. It seems these statements are realistic and they are going to do it.

And now, the base of nongovernmental investment is also available in this area and I hope that these capacities to be used efficiently with the presence and welcome to the non-governmental sector and also with the support of relevant sectors and institutions of government. This requires the cooperation of all relevant stakeholders and to facilitate the investment process as well.